I remember when we first got the Internet. We hooked up our new computer to a phone line, and we had the modem dial out. I think it was a long distance number back then. There was no email or anything like that. Universities had email, but all we had was a bunch of people that could basically not do much of anything. Then we got a local Internet service. Soon we had web browsing and were using our Hotmail account login to check our email. I remember that movie with Tom Hanks and that iconic, “You’ve got mail” audio file. We thought that was the coolest thing.

The Internet has come such a along way. Now we can do high resolution video chats. Even our phones can do full video chats. We have cameras in our phones that are higher resolution than the early digital cameras people bought. In an instant you can take a picture or video and upload it to social media for everyone to see. Before, when the Internet was dial-up, you could not even do video. A single picture could take a long time to download, depending on what speed you were connected at.

Now we measure Internet speeds in the megabits. That is millions of bits per second. A long time ago it was measured in a baud rate. Much much slower. We had a 1,400 baud modem, and we were upgrading to a 2,400. A friend was online with a 300 baud modem. That is probably like going from 4G back to 2G on your smartphone. At 2,400 baud you could only see rudimentary ASCII animations and cartoon like images. The graphics were lousy compared to what we have today. That has not been all that long ago either. Kids today who are born into this Internet age have no idea what I am even talking about.