The WordPress Group Testimonials

Yeah, we know it’s always done and you probably won’t read them – we don’t want to re-invent the wheel here so we have included a few testimonials and we do ask for them from our clients. Any of our testimonials can be verified at any time – i.e. we haven’t invented them: honest Guv!

Just skim through and you’ll get the gist. We do pride ourselves on being highly knowledgeable and professional – but then a lot of people are in this field. So, what we REALLY pride ourselves on is…

  • Reliability – we do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it. If not, we let you know!
  • Responsiveness – we keep in touch and contact all the time
  • Transparency – ask a straight question, you’ll get a straight answer
  • Honesty – dishonesty has a habit of coming back and biting people on the nose… so why bother!
  • Fun – we work very hard and long hours so we like to have fun working on our business. If you do too then you are the client for us!

360 Degree Perspective

TWPG are a wonderful and rare breed in the digital marketing space: they knows marketing, they knows design and they know how to bring in the revenue. They have a 360 degree perspective, are emotionally evolved and an asset to any business in a myriad of ways. Oh, and they’re lovely to work with.

Al Tepper – Digital Consultant

Refreshingly Unique

These guys have the refreshingly unique ability to present and effectively implement sophisticated digital marketing strategies in clear, simple terms, allowing clients to easily assimilate and utilise the marketing plan for themselves. Their knowledge of the digital marketing world is unparalleled.

John Fitzgerald – TV producer BBC

Open and Supportive

Carol personifies the new business creed of random, open and supportive. She is SO knowledgeable, personable, detailed and generous. Carol could not have been more supportive in educating a Marketing Director in ‘what digital means for business’ and introducing me to her most precious network of industry leading experts built up over many years. I look forward to a long term totally trustworthy relationship.
Mark Jeffery – Marketing Director Origen Private Equity