Jean and I have been thinking about what we are going to do when we get ready to retire. That is a few years off in the future, but I have sort of come into a windfall, mostly because my great uncle Lou was alienated from his only son. Of course Lou Jr. Is in prison for the next eight years and his Dad is hardly the only one who is not talking to him. He died suddenly and I found his will left me most of his money. I called Just Energy to hook up the power on this piece of Gulf Coast property that he left us. It is about three and a half acres, although much of it can not really be used for any purpose, it is too low lying to be safe from storm surge and you would be foolish to invest your money in building a house on it. We have just started building a place on the Gulf and I am thinking that we want to try to make it a place which is as safe from the elements as is practical. Of course if you build the house out of reinforced concrete, then no hurricane is going to damage it and that is what I am looking into right now. I am sort of curious as to how expensive that is going to be. It does not really seem that it would be much more costly than other materials, especially when you are considering the value that you are adding. Of course you have to think about other aspects of the design and everything has to make sense when you get to the bottom line. It would be obvious that you would need to use strong hurricane shutters and probably put in a back up generator for power outages.