WordPress Training and Internet Marketing

We aim to ensure that you are digitally independent as soon as possible, but always with our support and assistance, as much or as little as required we therefore provide the following …

Informal WordPress training on all the necessary functions and training to support your marketing activity – A comprehensive range of training sessions covering all aspects of social media and Internet marketing.


  1. To edit and amend your WordPress website without help.
  2. To fully get to grips with what social media and internet marketing can do for your business and to understand the various platforms and their relevance to your industry.
  3. To give your employees the knowledge and confidence to promote your organisation on-line, and to effectively build and manage your community and enhance your customer services.

Support and updates on the latest 3 T’s… Tips, Tricks and Tools – On-going help and advice on the latest trends in internet marketing.

WHY? To enable your business to continue to benefit from the work that has been done in building your on-line reputation and community and to keep up-to-date on the latest trends and platforms..

IMPORTANT!… We want to ensure that you integrate social media marketing into your daily business life in the right way. Getting it wrong is proving to be costly to businesses both financially and in time deployed in trying to do it.

Instead of just getting on with it and getting it wrong, will work with you to help you make sure that any plans and strategies we put into place are implemented effectively on a daily basis.

We need to be confident that:

  • You know how to use your WordPress website correctly
  • The content you and your staff are creating and submitting to the site is right
  • You know how to execute a strategy
  • The ‘key’ team members have technical ability and know the company personality your keywords off by heart!
  • Your community is being built and nurtured effectively, according to plan and in a timely manner
  • You fully understand what you are doing and why you are doing it!
  • Whilst we are researching, building and implementing your internet strategy we will be fully engaging you in the process
  • You know how to use the social platforms along with their features & benefits
  • You know we will help you and your team become proficient with your website, the plan and its implementation for your commercial effectiveness
  • You realise we are available on the phone for advice when you need it!

Don’t worry… we won’t abandon you!

Once we have helped you set up and implement your digital marketing strategy and plan, we will be at the end of the ‘phone, an email, a tweet, Skype or a post on Facebook should you need us

Website Maintenance Management – critical decisions…

Okay, so your website is now built and you are thrilled and everything is working perfectly. So how are you going to keep it like this? You want to update some copy, change a picture, add a video… oh and you now want this in the sidebar not the main content page.

WordPress is a dreamy content management system that effectively gives the freedom to use it as you wish and add, amend and change things – within reason – that the theme you have chosen allows.


Who is going to do this moving forward once you have taken delivery of your nice, new shiny website?

While building WordPress websites a designer and coder will keep the code and website optimised, clean and up to date. Once the website is delivered and ‘live’ any out of date code or plugin/functionality can cause the site to slow down, crash, not work properly or any other number of strange technical anomalies. This is not the responsibility of the web developer / designer unless they have a maintenance and management contract in place.

Website maintenance management is essential but the critical decision is who, how often and what happens if it all goes wrong?!

On that note there are, effectively, two options. You or your web developers.

CMS – Content Management…   what System? DIY or under developer control?

RISKS outsourced CMS

Restrictive contract – Monthly / Annual fee
Lack of control over time and cost

RISKS in house CMS

Inherent risks: non-technical staff
The long term risks of not keeping your website and code in the background up to date are costly both in time and money.

Monthly contract versus hourly rate

Whoever builds your website it is definitely worth an in-depth conversation about the upkeep and updating of the site in the long run. Most developer, if you don’t have a maintenance contract in place, and they have handed you over full control of the site – in working order – will not do anything to fix it following handover unless you pay for it on an hourly basis, which could prove a lot more costly than a monthly management fee. Worth thinking about and we do urge you to give it careful consideration.
Contact the WordPress Group to discuss any options for website maintenance management in WordPress.

Social Media Marketing is…

  • Social media marketing is easier said than done
  • a commitment
  • just one route to market
  • not a quick fix
  • a great way to increase business when done right
  • slow to start but once it gets going, it’s phenomenal!

Social media marketing is, in the scheme of things, such a new phenomenon that we thought you may like to read some of the relevant quotes from those who have embraced it fully and understand the mechanisms and theories behind it…

“Social networks aren’t about Web sites. They’re about experiences.” – Mike DiLorenzo, NHL social media marketing director

“Conversations among the members of your marketplace happen whether you like it or not. Good marketing encourages the right sort of conversations.” – Seth Godin

“Our head of social media is the customer.” – McDonald’s

“Social media marketing is just a buzzword until you come up with a plan.” – Unknown

“Ask yourself this question CONSTANTLY: where can I add the most value to what matters most to me and the people who care about me?” – Chris Brogan, author of “Trust Agents”

“Social media is about tapping into the passions of the right people in the right places at the right time with the right strategy” – Carol Mann, co-founder / partner at ‘wegetdigit@l’

Once you have established a plan to create the right content then you need to make sure that you reach the right people with your content! This is where the social media networking channels are effective and launching some businesses into a whole new realm of marketing. Below we have listed just some of the considerations and actions:

  • Identify the right social media marketing channels for your business
  • Make sure you have the right personality and voice.
  • Online reputation management: Crucial!
  • Digital customer services – enabling a fast response…impress your clients and keep them!
  • Set social media objectives and meet them
  • Develop a strategic mix of the right people to engage with: fast!
  • Build your online community and maximise sales opportunities when they arise
  • Meet and Greet: The importance of creating relationships and keeping them
  • Tools save time: Finding that ride-on digital lawn mower!
  • The importance of minor channels and how they can work for you
  • Measure and track all your online activity [quality and quantity] to make the right decisions moving forward

What we will do: 

  1. Set up the right social channels for your business
  2. Integrate those channels with your WordPress Website
  3. Align the distribution of your content to these channels on a regular and sustainable basis
  4. Monitor continually the communities that will grow on these channels making sure that you are being responsive and engaged at all times
  5. Train you and any staff on how to continue to work with those communities at all times in the right way

Just one more quote but by someone who knew not about social media technology, however, seemingly knew everything about social media engagement… ! 

“How strange is the lot of us mortals! Each of us is here for a brief sojourn; for what purpose he knows not, though he sometimes thinks he senses it. But without deeper reflection one knows from daily life that one exists for other people — first of all for those upon whose smiles and well-being our own happiness is wholly dependent, and then for the many, unknown to us, to whose destinies we are bound by the ties of sympathy. A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving…” – Einstein

Internet Marketing – now there’s a broad term in today’s world!

if you build it, they still may not come

At least… not straight away.

And not without an effective marketing campaign to drive visitors to your dot.com – and convert those visitors into profitable repeat customers.

Back when online was in its infancy – the early 1990s! – the web was widely expected to ‘level the commercial playing field’, allowing savvy SMEs to compete on equal terms with their larger competitors.

The reality is rather different.

Money still talks. Larger firms are able to invest in the latest technologies, the finest creative talent, and the most robust architecture – creating compelling ‘interactive experiences’ in-keeping with their prestigious ‘household name’ brands.

Now the good news. The WordPress Group can help you really take a stand and compete on a level playing field with the competition at a fraction of the price. It can be done!

According to a recent SoDA (Society of Digital Agencies) survey conducted with a cross section of marketing agencies and individuals at the end of January 2013, when asked how customers are distributing their marketing spend, their answers confirmed that 39% of companies are are not increasing their marketing budget just allocating more to digital.

Businesses who are engaging in digital marketing are often looking for a big idea, one that ‘pulls’ their target market’s attention within the constantly-evolving, multi-platform digital landscape.

That requires great creative and strategic planning, but also, as importantly, technological literacy. This is where the WordPress Group truly act and integrate as a digital marketing team. We can make technology work for psychology… not the other way around!

Creativity is being replace by flexibility … process can guide you but it is not a definitive path to success!

Internet Marketing is as broad as it is deep. You have to find what options suit you and your business and, more importantly, your target market. Your clients. The people who you want to buy from you and use your services… as well as those who won’t but will recommend you to someone who will! It all adds up.

Again. Do contact us for any Internet Marketing questions and we are more than capable, let alone happy, to help.

So you’ve planned your website and know exactly what you want and have it all nicely mapped out. You have created your content, defined your goals and now you need to build the pitch!

Short listing and commissioning the right web development team as your WordPress website builder.

Things you need to consider…

  • Who does what in a development team – and why one size can’t fit all
  • The benefits of using a full service agency
  • How to short list your prospective suppliers – and the warning signs to look out for during contractual negotiations
  • How a legally binding contract will keep your developers honest – and your costs in check

The Ultimate WordPress Website Builder: Team or Individual?

We always talk about ‘the developer’ and ‘the designer’. Indeed, we’ve used the terms interchangeably, taking them to mean: the person or persons who will ultimately build your site.

Now it’s time to face the unpalatable facts:
The likelihood of your finding the broad skill set and experience you need – in a single individual – is not great.

For the fact is, a successful website draws on a wide range of abilities – from information architecture and art direction, to copywriting, coding, database programming … and many more.

Given this, you face a difficult choice: either to employ the services of a larger (invariably more expensive) ‘full service’ agency – or to research, recruit and project-manage your own multi-disciplinary team.

The above fact is, indeed, why The WordPress Group came about! If you want to be a professional, use a professional. Hence you have here a veritable ‘pot’ of expertise and professionals covering the whole gamut that is building and promoting a business website!

In reality, finding a suitable agency is like looking for any other kind of contractor.

Recommendation is, of course, the best option: if someone whose opinion you trust tells you that s/he is really happy with a particular firm, you’d be silly to ignore their advice.

After that, it’s back to the Yellow Pages (or, more likely, its online counterpart, Yell.com), the local business directories… and of course the web itself – which is how you may have found us, The WordPress Group.

Whilst an online search for ‘web developer’ will yield millions of results – even when constrained to a particular region – the firms that appear on the first few pages are obviously worthy of further investigation.

If a company is able to achieve a spot in the upper reaches of the organic listings, in such a highly competitive sector, imagine what they could do for you.

And, even better, their capabilities are on display for all to see.

Stick with us as your WordPress Website Builder and you can’t go wrong… well things can go wrong, because technology sometimes does that – but at least we know how to put it right!

Creating content

Anxious to get started on your site? You’ll need to be – if you’re to stand a chance of capturing your readers’ interest.

You see, enthusiasm is contagious. And so is apathy. If what you’re doing doesn’t interest you, it won’t interest your audience: your indifference will come across in your writing. And that’s not good.

After all, you may have 100,000s, maybe even millions, of visitors to your site – all prospective buyers of your product.

So, before you start, just remind yourself why your product’s so good (if necessary, dust off those old case studies and client testimonials by way of a reminder); then list your unique value propositions and differentiators – and get started.

Oh, and don’t worry about the enormity of your audience. At the end of the day, you’re writing to just one of them – your prospective customer.

Creating content with one person in mind is all you need to do. Talk always about ‘you’ (the reader)

IMPORTANT… The style will support the content. Do NOT try to “shoe-horn” content into the style.


Your content is your collateral on the Internet

It is the ‘stuff’ that attracts customers to your website, retains their interest and encourages repeat visits.

  • Design
  • Copy
  • Graphics & Images
  • Video & Audio

Creating Content: Copy

Good copywriting…

Common errors

Assumption visitor knows about the company and products and services
Internal jargon – undecipherable acronyms


  • Chunking
  • Relevance
  • Accuracy
  • Brevity
  • Scannability

Creating Content: General

Content Testing

Make sure you continually test content FOR…

  • Display on different types of browsers for formatting
  • Interactive facilities – form filling etc.
  • Database integration offline
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Adherence to Web standards
  • Links

If you would like any more information on creating content for the Internet please contact The WordPress Group. We have a selection of documents and papers written that can really help.

By failing to plan, you’re planning to fail

It’s been attributed to Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, and a procession of ‘business gurus’. Whoever said it first, however, this oft quoted adage couldn’t be more apposite than in the bewildering world of the web.

Few businesses plan their websites intelligently; rather, as often as not, they commission a site simply because they “thought they ought to have one”.

In turn, developers are generally more concerned with the site’s look, feel and technical functionality than its commercial application.
Small wonder, then, that so many sites provide little more than ‘online brochure ware’.

By indulging in the correct website planning, your website should contribute, directly, to your business’ development – providing a global platform on which to

  • Build brand awareness and reputation
  • Expand your market reach
  • Generate, qualify and convert new leads
  • Showcase new services
  • Slash your marketing and transactional costs;
  • Communicate with potential business partners, staff, Investors, and the media
  • Deliver better and more timely customer service
  • Sell more products more profitably; and
  • Enhance the lifetime value of your customers

Following are the kinds of questions that you will need to have the answers to, in detail, before you start approaching people to design and build your website. There is a lot of research and consideration that should go into the answers so that you will have a commercially effective website.

  1. What the site’s supposed to do for my business?
  2. Who are my customers and what do they want?
  3. What should my site look like?

And so on and so forth. As you can see website planning is not exactly complicated but it is involved and requires some thinking. No more than half to a full day is required to make a start and save a lot of heartache and wasted expense and time in the long run.

The WordPress Group are highly experienced in helping businesses with their website planning and look forward to hearing from you.

The rise of digital photography means that it is easier than ever to share photos online. While Flickr and other photo-sharing platforms are great, WordPress is fast becoming the default platform for sharing on personal and professional photography websites. It’s the fastest growing web platform in the world and there is a new great new generation of powerful and stylish photo WordPress themes specifically for photographers. From simple photoblogs to complex gallery management, there is a WordPress theme for you. As photographers ourselves, the themes below are our picks for the best of the best photo WordPress themes.

PS. If you are setting up a photography website on WordPress, you’ll also need hosting. We would strongly recommend Bluehost. Erick from Photocrati, one of the leading makers of WordPress photography themes has a great article on why Photocrati recommends Bluehost here: Best Web Hosting for Photographers.

Photo WordPress Themes

1. Photocrati Bokeh


Photocrati is probably the leading provider right now for WordPress themes for photographers. They make themes only for photographers. Actually, they make one “supertheme” that incorporates lots of different looks and is highly customizable. In our view, Bokeh is one of the coolest, freshest designs.

2. Photocrati Lightbox


Another great photo WordPress theme by Photocrati. Lightbox is the lightest, simplest and most elegant of their designs.

3. Woo Themes Aperture


Aperture is a great photo blogging theme from Woo, one of the all-around great WordPress theme shops.

4. StudioPress Landscape


StudioPress, one of the most established theme shops has recently made a foray into the photo themes with Landscape. It’s based on a parent-child WordPress theme framework called Genesis.

5. StudioPress Pixel Happy


Pixel happy is a fresh, one-column photoblogging theme, again by StudioPress and based on the Genesis framework.

6. WPZoom Photoland


WPZoom has a couple of nice-looking themes for photographers. Photoland is a Photocrati-esque design highlighting front page galleries.

7. WPZoom Gallery


Gallery is a cool, neatly-designed photo blog WordPress theme that displays lead images from recent posts in a grid. A great multi-purpose photo WordPress theme.

8. Press75 Photographic


Press75 has a lot of multi-media type themes. Photographic is their classic theme for displaying images from individual photo-blog type posts.

9. Elegant Themes EGallery


Elegant Themes EGallert=y is an exceedingly well designed photo blogging theme with a lead image, a grid of images from recent posts, and nicely designed sidebars and footer widgets.

10. Photocrati Fstop


Finally, we end with one more fresh-looking photo WordPress theme from Photocrati, Fstop. It’s minimalist, with a creative top menu. Like all the Photocrati themes, it’s designed for gallery management and frontpage displays as much as conventional photo blogging.

In doing research this evening on a brand new on the net management application, Central Desktop, I had the pleasure of playing with their incredible Office environment integration. Essentially, it’s a stand alone install that integrates with your central desktop account. It will allow you to produce, get/edit existing information in your account, in addition to Concurrently update any recordsdata inside word or excel. Even though it may well be a bit heavy for smaller teams, I believe this type of integration is WAY far better than stand-alone solutions for instance Basecamp’s writeboards (which are good, but let’s face it – most of us still use Workplace – if only mainly because everybody else does).

Central Desktop’s wonderful new Place of work integration has already received some buzz over at OneDayOneJob, where they’ve highlighted how Central Desktop closely mirrors the changing pace of organization.

In addition TechCrunch was fast to point out that Central Desktop is truly the only sizeable, and usable, competitor to Sharepoint:

Central Desktop for Workplace leverages technology from OffiSync and is compatible with any model ofMicrosoft Office environment including 2003, 2007 and 2010. Once installed, Central Desktop for Workplace adds a brand new toolbar in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint that allows customers to open, save, edit and co-author information stored within the cloud – directly from inside Office environment. The new tool enables customers to comment on recordsdata, manage subscribers and track model history. Central Desktop’s co-authoring feature allows a lot more than one particular user to edit Place of work recordsdata, concurrently, by tracking and syncing all changes made by collaborators and merging them correctly into a single updated model.

If you are looking for an innovative web site layout that generates buzz inside your niche market just for for its cutting edge appearance, CommunitySEO’s internet design service is precisely what you need. Our team of seasoned web designers service the entire Naples, Fort Myers, and Southwest Florida location. Our team of developers offers a complete repertoire of net design services that consist of:

* custom design for the brand new websites;
* integration of Content Management Program, forums, blogs, control panels, photo galleries, custom programming  for enhancing client expertise;
* narrow or extended internet design interventions to your existing online genuine estates;

So why exactly should you take into account our service?

For starters, we supply probably the most competitive service packages in Florida’s net design market location. And this comes with figuring out the precise cost tag for the intervention even before starting the project – we really ought to point out that there are no further fees or up-sell along the way. We trust our customers commitment and character. For that cause the upfront payment for sealing our agreement will probably be kept to a symbolic figure as compared to the final price of the project.

You’re the 1 setting the project standards. We will manage all the technical particulars with guaranteed professionalism, regardless of how massive or modest your requirements are. Tell us what you’ll need and will deliver the end outcome. For which you have in place a detail initial project assessment chart exactly where you fill in all the particulars you care about, which includes your out there budget. Our consumer support will analyze your input and provide you with a realistic feedback when it comes to cost – project’s extent ratio.

Advanced marketing knowledge. In other words we know what works and what doesn’t in terms of customer friendly web design. As a matter of reality 86% of our orders revolve around building from scratch and enhancing websites that sell products and services. As you almost certainly know having a website up and running doesn’t guarantee great conversion margins even when they rank within the very first #5 positions in SERPs. Our combined 16 years knowledge in the field of on the internet marketing and internet development qualifies us to almost certainly challenge some of your suggestions about how your new or existing website really should look like from a merchantability standpoint. So refrain your conjecture and reap the benefits of our built in marketing advice integrated for totally free in the designing process.

Flexibility. If there is a thing we can completely and realistically brag about then this will need to be our work flexibility. In other words we’re not afraid  or reluctant to any seconds thoughts you may be hit by along the way, as your new website look takes form. Just shoot us an e-mail pointing precisely what you what to be changed or reconsidered within your web page design and we’ll get back to you with the out there alternatives. Take note ! Ongoing adjustments inside your site’s common design frame work is not going to alter the bill we initially agreed upon and due toe payed upon delivery. If, by exception, extra fees need to be added – only imposed by objective expenses our developers need to created – you’ll know about that prior to making the determination of whether or not to go along with your hunches.

Ongoing help. Each and every client we do organization with becomes a friend and lengthy term partner whom will help and serve as very best as probable even following product delivery and bills are paid. So you’ve got your self a brand new web site or redesign for the current web page. Do you know the best way to implement or exploit those new features to the fullest? Our support expands beyond designing phase and  goes to setting up your internet site and teaching you how to use it.

Another discrete touch of professionalism that sets apart our net design service from all of the competitors in Naples and Fort Myers area, is our buyer support department who’s only meaning is to preserve the communication flowing between you and our designing workers. With this exclusive department your questions and concerns are answered in in between 1 to 2 hours from submission. Sadly this won’t w happen throughout the weekend, when the waiting instances are prolonged up till 8 o’clock, Monday morning.

To prove our 100% transparency let’s tackle some of the downfalls of our designing service.

After all as the wide majority of web development businesses on the market, we too need to be hiding a number of skeletons within the closet, appropriate? Properly, not really. All those not so brand lifting aspects of our small business are brought to light within the upcoming section.

In reality, the cause we can afford such advantageous cost ranges is for the reason that we actually shoot to kill as they say  – our policy is to have every prospect customer comprehend and asses our strong and most importantly downfalls of our services before he makes the decision of no matter whether or not he appoints us with the job of building/redesigning/customizing their web-site.

So that are the elements of our organization u might contemplate disadvantageous:

Our, internet developers delight in spending time with their families , so the weekly operating hours is set to 40, from Monday by way of Friday from 8 to four PM. Any have to have for feedback outside this time frame will definitely go unresponded.
Finish product is delivered only following the full payment is created. The world wide web is really a huge place and  that’s our only insurance that our work will likely be compensated.
We don’t support a dollars back guaranteed policy. We basically are too confident about the end results we provide that our board doesn’t think about responding to refund requests either time or expense powerful. Still, this doesn’t exclude our commitment to operating with you to ensure that you’re totally satisfied using the item you paid for. The designing work is considered accepted in three days time given that delivery if additional intervention requests aren’t submitted by the beneficiary.
Our site design services packages:

Static Site Designn
Excellent for those looking for a discrete net presence that doens’t call for periodical upkeep or are limited by a small budget. Even though this isn’t probably the most efficient alternative accessible when it comes to search engine marketing and staying interactive with your visitors, our developers will make essentially the most out of your choice. Really what sets this package apart is the value tag. But with a smaller initial investment along with a loose maintenance schedule this will be the greatest option for these looking for a fundamental on the internet presence to start with.
How does it work. We initial talk about your basic expectations and purpose of the site. Then we get into additional details that include the layout, colours, fonts and pictures and based on these specifics our designers draw 2 initial mock ups for you to chose from. Naturally these 2 sketches are subjected to unlimited revisions and suggestions from your part. Finally, right after we have your approval of the mock design we then start developing and coding your internet site.

Content Management Program
This package is destined for marketers commited to grow their web based enterprise additional along the way. What we give can be a custom content management package that enables you to maintain the web page updated using the most recent trends of one’s niche.  The know-how for managing the website’s text, pictures, pages, adding/removing pages, installing blogs and forums etc., will likely be delivered along side with the CMS scripts.
JuJust to offer you an indea of the extent of our CMS design and development service here are main functions:

* Custom CMS Template Design and Creation;
* CMS Extension Creation and Modifications;
* CMS Setup, Structuring, Degugging, Repair and Upgrading;
* CMS Search engine optimization Enhancement and Ongoing Search engine optimization Services;
* Conversions to Joomla;
* CMS Component, Module and Plug-in Installation;

Ecommerce Web page Design
EcEcommerce site are and will continue to be a deep reservoir of income on the internet, specially for the search engine marketing field. But operating such a platform imposes some significant difficulties in particular for those who want it successfully competing inside the search engine results page. This activity becomes a great deal much easier if you entrust the optimization of your future/existing ecommerce web page to a team of seasoned internet developers that CommunitySEO occurs to give. Basically when our job is executed you’ll have the ability to update and add merchandise, add several images, text, prices, manage live shipping quotes, track inventory/customers, to name just a number of.

* Safe Sockets Layer (https) Integration;
* Use account management function upon registration;
* Order history overview;
* Order confirmation/notification e mail both for the consumer along with the webmaster;
* Foreign markets functions for instance: several languages, multiple currencies, Tax based on the shipping address, store owner based tax calculation for EU-based customers.

We comprehend the significance that the visual impact has on the prospect’s intention to buy and therefor we strive to create your item catalog as appealing as probable. Here are the most important functions that will aid literally place your merchandise in the spotlight:

* Javascript-powered admin interface;
* Unlimited quantity of merchandise and categories;
* Genuine time filtering by categories, cost ranges, manufacturer; show/hide value tags;
* product featuring, rating, availability display, testimonials; “product back in stock” e mail notification.

To total the consumer expertise, we present a flexible and intelligent payment and shipping method. Take a look at the functions that make this module stand out:

* Real time credit/debit card processing and integrated payment gateways (e.g. PayPal, AlertPay, 2Checkout);
* Supports other Payment Modules through the Payment Module API;
* Shipping Carriers and Rates Configuration; reside shipping rates making use of shipping modules from FedEx and InterShipper;
* Supports other Shipping Modules via the shipping Module API.

No, we didn’t overlooked to facilitate the job of running such a effective platform. To create the webmastering job simpler, we give you a comprehensive, non-geek friendly admin interface that will permit:

* Classifying merchandise by categories;
* Assigning product attributes like size and color;
* Dividing customers into shopping groups with unique payment avenues and price ranges;
* price formatting in terms or currency, quantity including/excluding taxes;
* Conversion between distinctive Currencies employing Reside Rates;
* Generating shop statistics based on new customers, orders per time frame, and so forth;
* Producing product stock level reports, order management reports and revenue charts

Redesigning Existing Websiteses

Whether or not you would like a fresh new look for the web page or a thorough reconfiguration for onsite Search engine optimization and search engine marketing reasons, our net designers will work closely with you so that your expectations come across a excellent match within your redesigned site. When the make over is carried out we guarantee that your internet site performs flawlessly in every single web browser, has a trendy eye-catching and user friendly design and gains you a competitive benefit in the market it operates in.

There are many ways of doing what one can to be more environmentally friendly and to help preserve the planet, and now roofing is one of them. Going green, like charity, begins at home and many people are now choosing to install eco-friendly roofing options that are good for the environment.

The first option is that of the innovative solar roof shingles that use photovoltaic cells to transform solar energy to provide electricity for your home. It is advised that they be used on the south side of the roof to utilize the maximum power of the sun through as much exposure as is possible.

The advantage of this form of energy is of course that it is completely renewable, produces no waste, has no harmful effects and is a green source of energy that helps the environment. The best part is, the government subsidizes this form of electricity generation to make it worth the cost of using the photovoltaic energy and in a few years it is projected to cost as much as grid electricity, making it a good investment now.

Another interesting choice is the green roof, which involves coating the entire surface of your roof with plants, making it literally a green roof. This may sound avant-garde but can be quite pleasing to see. These plants also help increase greenness in urban regions, restore natural habitats for birds, reduce the levels of heat building and use up carbon dioxide. A useful feature is the ability to soak up as much as 95% of rainwater, reducing runoff and water damage to the building.

If you’re looking to install a green roof, there are two options you can choose from: extensive and intensive. The former uses soil and creates an environment that sustains plants, herbs, grasses and trees that grow on their own and cannot be used for interactive purposes.

Intensive green roofs on the other hand are more costly and simultaneously more environmentally friendly options that enable recreational activity and interactive behavior. These roofs use soil to sustain the growth of a larger variety of trees and plants and have the ability to sustain much larger trees.

The greatest advantage of these roofs in the short term is that they replace the heat-absorbing materials commonly used for roofs, such as concrete, slate and asphalt. This helps beat the common problem of hot spots in towns, cities and urban areas. When sunlight is captured, instead of heating up the building, solar roofs transform the energy into usable power. Other eco-friendly options you can avail include recycled materials and shingles as well as wood shakes. Wood shakes, particularly those made of cedar, provide twice the insulation asphalt does and grow more beautiful with age instead of fading, becoming damaged and needing replacement.

Whichever option you go for, you can help reduce waste or help offset the damage inflicted by urban centers and cities. If you decide to go with asphalt roofing, you can still go green by choosing a variety that will remain durable for decades to come.