Women eighteen origin Saratoga, California, Eesha Khare managed to make a supercapacitor that can charge a cell phone in just between 20 to 30 seconds.

Through this work, Eesha also won about 500 million dollars from Intel in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair as reported Techbob.com, Friday (24/05).

Supercapacitor is a tool that acts as a power supply that is able to charge the device quickly, other than that this device can store energy longer than regular batteries.

Supercapacitor consists of two conductive material coated with activated carbon and submerged in the electrolyte. One slab has positive ions and negative ions, which when filled, these ions would accumulate on the surface of each carbon-coated plates.

In contrast to batteries, this technology will be able to store energy longer. In addition, the supercapacitor technology is more environmentally friendly than batteries. In addition not only because the life span is longer supercapacitor, supercapacitor also do not use materials that are corrosive and harmful chemical based.

Remarkably, most large supercapacitor, can be made Eesha small in size so it can be pinned to the phone.