I just got my yearly bonus from the new place where I have been working for around three and a half months. Of course it is not as big as it would have been in other years, because the bonus is tied to the price of copper per pound as we are a contractor who does plumbing and electrical work. After every job there is a small amount of scrap metal left over that can not be used for any other work, so we throw it in a dumpster behind the shop. Of course we lock it up and we do not tell people that there is a lot of copper in it. There are a lot of people who have no better way of making money than stealing copper, so they will try to find unoccupied homes and strip out the copper from them, It is not so tough a job on some homes, as the copper is going to be under the house in the crawl space. You apparently have to be brazen enough to do it in the light of day as that looks less suspicious than crawling under a house at night. At any rate I am trying to learn the job. What we are is a mechanical contractor, meaning that we put in the stuff like air conditioning and heating. Mostly I work as a helper to a number of guys who know what they are doing. Some of them are willing to teach me and others are not interested in that idea. Of course If you are good at this and you get your master’s license, then you can make a very good living doing the work. The one thing I dislike about it is that we are usually out of bed around half past five.