The WordPress Group Testimonials Yeah, we know it’s always done and you probably won’t read them – we don’t want to re-invent the wheel here so we have included a few testimonials and we do ask for them from our clients. Any of our testimonials can be verified at any time – i.e. we haven’t […]

WordPress… simple – affordable – effective What is WordPress? Let’s let the experts in Wikipedia explain more…. WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL which runs on a web hosting service. Features include a plug-in architecture and a template system. WordPress is used […]

WordPress Training and Internet Marketing We aim to ensure that you are digitally independent as soon as possible, but always with our support and assistance, as much or as little as required we therefore provide the following … Informal WordPress training on all the necessary functions and training to support your marketing activity – A comprehensive range of […]

Website Maintenance Management – critical decisions… Okay, so your website is now built and you are thrilled and everything is working perfectly. So how are you going to keep it like this? You want to update some copy, change a picture, add a video… oh and you now want this in the sidebar not the […]

Social Media Marketing is… Social media marketing is easier said than done a commitment just one route to market not a quick fix a great way to increase business when done right slow to start but once it gets going, it’s phenomenal! Social media marketing is, in the scheme of things, such a new phenomenon […]

Internet Marketing – now there’s a broad term in today’s world! if you build it, they still may not come At least… not straight away. And not without an effective marketing campaign to drive visitors to your – and convert those visitors into profitable repeat customers. Back when online was in its infancy – […]

So you’ve planned your website and know exactly what you want and have it all nicely mapped out. You have created your content, defined your goals and now you need to build the pitch! Short listing and commissioning the right web development team as your WordPress website builder. Things you need to consider… Who does […]

Creating content Anxious to get started on your site? You’ll need to be – if you’re to stand a chance of capturing your readers’ interest. You see, enthusiasm is contagious. And so is apathy. If what you’re doing doesn’t interest you, it won’t interest your audience: your indifference will come across in your writing. And […]

By failing to plan, you’re planning to fail It’s been attributed to Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, and a procession of ‘business gurus’. Whoever said it first, however, this oft quoted adage couldn’t be more apposite than in the bewildering world of the web. Few businesses plan their websites intelligently; rather, as often as not, they commission […]

The rise of digital photography means that it is easier than ever to share photos online. While Flickr and other photo-sharing platforms are great, WordPress is fast becoming the default platform for sharing on personal and professional photography websites. It’s the fastest growing web platform in the world and there is a new great new […]

In doing research this evening on a brand new on the net management application, Central Desktop, I had the pleasure of playing with their incredible Office environment integration. Essentially, it’s a stand alone install that integrates with your central desktop account. It will allow you to produce, get/edit existing information in your account, in addition […]

If you are looking for an innovative web site layout that generates buzz inside your niche market just for for its cutting edge appearance, CommunitySEO’s internet design service is precisely what you need. Our team of seasoned web designers service the entire Naples, Fort Myers, and Southwest Florida location. Our team of developers offers a […]