Cats of pure descent tends to indicate the nature of human companionship.

Although not the type of cat that unsightly, Sphynx cats are judged most friendly than other cats, according to a survey conducted by the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, Monday (12/03).

The above statement is the result of a survey of cat owners for about 129 cats from 14 races.

Although cats are often identified as an animal that is not evil, aloof, and sometimes humorous, it turns out, these animals are not as friendly as expected.

Although, there are other types of cats considered friendly to humans. Sphynx, cats without fur is the highest position as the most friendly cats to humans.

Other cat species, assessed the respondent as a kind of cat often overlook owners, and run away from strangers.

Dr. Marie Abitbol from the National Veterinary School of Alfort, Paris, France reveals, there is a clear difference between purebred cat with a short-haired domestic cat. In general, according to Abitbol, purebred cats are more friendly to humans than cats who are not of pure descent particular type (a result of cross breeding different types of cats).

Although in one episode of the comedy series Friends had told Sphynx cats as cats are not friendly, but the survey showed, even this cat is the most “sticky” to the humans.

It is estimated, friendly attitude Sphynx cat because he needed close to humans in order to keep warm, because the body does not have a protective coat.

While other purebred cats more friendly because developers breed this cat types tend to let the kittens with their mothers longer to increase the chances of survival in a critical period early in life. As a result, the small cats grow up to be spoiled animals.

The survey found that, 5 types of the most friendly cats to humans is:

  • 1. Sphynx
  • 2. Maine Coons
  • 3. Persia
  • 4. Burmese, Somali, Siamese, Russian
  • 5. Cats are often found around residential

Friendliness cats judged by how cats react and behave when entering a room containing humans, the cats often rub the human body, as well as cat behavior when close to a stranger or a veterinarian.