Seven planets in the Milky Way that have environmental conditions similar to Earth. Search for life in outer space does not seem to need to reach planets beyond our galaxy, the Milky Way. Seven planets in the Milky Way has a huge potential to life after the researchers conducted an ambitious project that is able […]

Cats of pure descent tends to indicate the nature of human companionship. Although not the type of cat that unsightly, Sphynx cats are judged most friendly than other cats, according to a survey conducted by the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, Monday (12/03). The above statement is the result of a survey of cat owners for […]

Temperature profile shows the dark and unstable material – which is a suitable climate for organic life Institute antraiksa United States (NASA) managed to find evidence of water on Mercury, planet in our solar system that is closest to the Sun. Temperatures on Mercury can indeed reach 427 degrees Celsius but around the planet’s north […]

Help reveal the composition of the Earth’s core. A number of Polish geologists managed to dig the largest meteorite ever found in Western Europe. They hope their findings could help reveal the composition of the Earth’s core. “We know that the Earth’s core consists of iron, but we can not investigate. Now we have guests […]

Google Drive Users get 5GB for free rations from Google. Google announced on Tuesday (11/27), will integrate Google Drive into Gmail. The move will create a Google e-mail service users can send files of up to 10 GB. Requirement Gmail users also must have an account with Google Drive. With that Gmail users can attach […]

Women eighteen origin Saratoga, California, Eesha Khare managed to make a supercapacitor that can charge a cell phone in just between 20 to 30 seconds. Through this work, Eesha also won about 500 million dollars from Intel in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair as reported, Friday (24/05). Supercapacitor is a tool that […]

Astronomers finally managed to track down the origin of a meteor that hit the central part of Russia, and injure about 1000 people at the beginning of February, as the BBC reported on Tuesday (2/26). Utilizing amateur video recordings depicting the fall of the meteor, astronomers were able to predict the flow of meteor that […]

Researchers from IBM managed to break the record by making the world’s smallest movie. The film uses atoms as an actor in a movie called “A Boy And His Atomic” lasted 1 minute 35 seconds. The film is made using stop-motion technique, which the researchers move atoms one by one on top of the copper […]

I remember when we first got the Internet. We hooked up our new computer to a phone line, and we had the modem dial out. I think it was a long distance number back then. There was no email or anything like that. Universities had email, but all we had was a bunch of people […]