When there are many options available for where you can live in an area like Atlanta, it will sometimes come down to the particular apartment features and the complex amenities in addition to areas you like and your commute to work. If you’ve visited some apartments in the area, you may already know that many times, they can look the same, making it a bit hard to choose between them. This is especially true in the suburbs where newly built complexes are common. When looking for Stockbridge apartments for rent don’t be discouraged if they can start to resemble one another. Look at the particular details that are most important to you when selecting you new apartment and to any special offerings the complex might offer.

When you go on several apartment tours in the Stockbridge, GA area, the beige or tan walls and carpet can sometimes blend together. One square or rectangular room can look just like another after a few apartment tours. Continue reading

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) covers both indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. In seeking HVAC services in NYC, keep in mind that you desire optimum thermal levels and indoor air quality and you ought to hire only the competent. Cost of service shouldn’t be the only consideration, expertise is more important. Else, you may very well end up dealing with high-costing problems later.

Make sure that the technician or company is able to provide all job details. Confirm if the provider can meet the specifications required, especially if you require a more specialized type of service. Get some basic information from prospects. Also, observe troubleshooting skills. Present your problem and service requirements for initial diagnosis and discussion. Continue reading

Coming home from college was a life altering experience. I had been away on my own, living an independent lifestyle in my own dorm room. I was free from my family, except during the holidays. When I came back home after graduation, it was like I had gone back to the days before I left. I wanted to break free again, so as soon as I got back home, I looked at the apartments for Raleigh residents. I wanted to find just the right place for me to call my own without breaking the bank, because I was only working part time for the time being.

I was able to find a good deal on a single apartment. I thought about moving in with a roommate, but I liked having my own place. Being on my own means that I don’t have to share anything with anyone, and I can set the rules of the place. I can choose when to come in and when to clean up. Continue reading

Have you ever just looked at a picture and just felt so right about it? That is how it was for me when I was looking at apartments for rent in Asheville NC. When I came across Parkway Crossing, I just knew that it was the place for me, and that was just by looking at the pictures of it. The buildings looked really nice, but it was the actual grounds that drew me in. There are so many trees there, and someone took the time to plant flowers everywhere. It looks like a slice of paradise, and I knew that I wanted to learn more about it.

I liked everything that was available with the apartments too. I liked that there is central air and heating, and that I can have a washer and dryer right there in the apartment. I have lived in several apartment buildings, and I have always had to use a community laundry room. There is also a garbage disposal, ceiling fans, and the walk in closets are just amazing. Continue reading

I am moving to Toledo, Ohio, and I am not super happy about it, but it is for a good reason. I just scored a really good job in the city, and I am very excited about that. It is a great job, really, and it is better than what I was looking for to be honest. So I am not really sure how I managed to land such a job but I am not going to complain. Anyway, I need to find apartments for rent in Toledo Ohio and I need to find one that I will be able to move into relatively soon. Continue reading

My fiancee Jenny and I have been together for five years. we are practically soulmates. We met all the way back in college. I fell in love with her on first sight. We plan to get married soon in the future. Currently, we both live at home with our families. It is crowded at my parents house. I know Jenny and I would not be comfortable there. Jenny’s house is also crowded. We both came to the conclusion that we want our own place. Last week, we looked for apartments in Tampa. We think we might have found our perfect place to start a new life.

There are certain things that Jenny and I want in an apartment. One important thing is the neighborhood itself. We want to live in a neighborhood that has safe streets and a low crime rate. Continue reading

Seven planets in the Milky Way that have environmental conditions similar to Earth.

Search for life in outer space does not seem to need to reach planets beyond our galaxy, the Milky Way. Seven planets in the Milky Way has a huge potential to life after the researchers conducted an ambitious project that is able to do the cataloging planet can be inhabited.

Catalog Planets or The Habitable Exoplanets Catalog (HEC) is celebrating its first anniversary by announcing that the current expectations of the discovery of Earth-like planets already exceeding their expectations.

According to lead researcher Professor Abel Mendez, the discovery of five additional planets could be inhabited from the two that have been found to greatly exceed their expectations.

“There are so many releases that announced the discovery of a can be inhabited planet … and it’s confusing. So have a catalog where everyone can examine whether the planet is can be inhabited at the moment is a useful thing,” said Mendez.

There are about 80 planets outside our solar system (exoplanets) with a size similar to Earth but only a few of the planet that has the right distance from their star in the solar system. Distance is needed to support the existence of water on the surface is needed to sustain the existence of life.

The catalog compiled using indicators like the Earth Similarity Index (ESI), Zone Distance Allows to Live (HZD), the classification system, Global Primary Habitat (GPH) and comparison with the Earth in the past and present.

Currently seven of potentially can be inhabited planets are in the list of HEC. Meanwhile, about 27 planet candidates NASA’s Kepler team is awaiting confirmation.

All superterran aka planet earth is in a larger size. Although larger planets are believed to have the potential to live. Until now, researchers have not found a planet that has as terrestrial environments.

Nevertheless HEC declared all planets still require advanced astronomical observations. There is no assurance that such planets could be inhabited by humans.

Seven planets are likely to be inhabited:

1. Gliese 581d
2. HD 85512b
3. Kepler 22b
4. Gliese 667Cc
5. Gliese 581g
6. Gliese 163c
7. HD 40307g
(*) In the order of discovery


Cats of pure descent tends to indicate the nature of human companionship.

Although not the type of cat that unsightly, Sphynx cats are judged most friendly than other cats, according to a survey conducted by the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, Monday (12/03).

The above statement is the result of a survey of cat owners for about 129 cats from 14 races.

Although cats are often identified as an animal that is not evil, aloof, and sometimes humorous, it turns out, these animals are not as friendly as expected.

Although, there are other types of cats considered friendly to humans. Sphynx, cats without fur is the highest position as the most friendly cats to humans.

Other cat species, assessed the respondent as a kind of cat often overlook owners, and run away from strangers.

Dr. Marie Abitbol from the National Veterinary School of Alfort, Paris, France reveals, there is a clear difference between purebred cat with a short-haired domestic cat. In general, according to Abitbol, purebred cats are more friendly to humans than cats who are not of pure descent particular type (a result of cross breeding different types of cats).

Although in one episode of the comedy series Friends had told Sphynx cats as cats are not friendly, but the survey showed, even this cat is the most “sticky” to the humans.

It is estimated, friendly attitude Sphynx cat because he needed close to humans in order to keep warm, because the body does not have a protective coat.

While other purebred cats more friendly because developers breed this cat types tend to let the kittens with their mothers longer to increase the chances of survival in a critical period early in life. As a result, the small cats grow up to be spoiled animals.

The survey found that, 5 types of the most friendly cats to humans is:

  • 1. Sphynx
  • 2. Maine Coons
  • 3. Persia
  • 4. Burmese, Somali, Siamese, Russian
  • 5. Cats are often found around residential

Friendliness cats judged by how cats react and behave when entering a room containing humans, the cats often rub the human body, as well as cat behavior when close to a stranger or a veterinarian.


Temperature profile shows the dark and unstable material – which is a suitable climate for organic life

Institute antraiksa United States (NASA) managed to find evidence of water on Mercury, planet in our solar system that is closest to the Sun.

Temperatures on Mercury can indeed reach 427 degrees Celsius but around the planet’s north pole, in a number of areas that are permanently protected from the hot sun, there is a mixture of ice and a number of organic materials, according to the findings of NASA spacecraft, Messenger.

Gregory Neumann, a scientist at the center who handles Messenger NASA Goddard space flight in Maryland, USA, said NASA will redirect Messenger to observe directly the region in the coming months, when the angle of the sun provides a better room to monitor the ice bag.

Neumann has published its report on Mercury in the journal Science that aired online since 29 November.

The researchers also believe that the south pole of Mercury also contain ice, but the orbital path Messenger does not allow them to observe the area.

Messenger will fly in a spiral pattern, approaching the planet in 2014 and 2015, and when the vehicle has run out of fuel the Sun and Mercury gravity will pull it closer. It was then that the scientists hope to see more clearly the ice at the planet’s surface.

Speculation of water on Mercury has been started since 20 years ago. In 1991 for example, a number of astronomers firing radar signals to Mercury and found the chances of ice at both poles of the planet.

In 1999, using a beam of Arecibo, Puerto Rico Observatorymicrowave astronomers send signals back to the Mercury and received radar reflections in New Mexico shows the “white area” suspected as ice.

Messenger passes Mercury orbit in March 2011 and at the time NASA decided to use a laser altimeter to investigate both the planet’s poles. The results found a number of “bright areas” in polar craters on Mercury.

But more surprising was the discovery of hydrogen by Mercury’s Messenger spectrometer, which showed a large amount of water, but the temperature profile shows a dark and unstable material – which is a suitable climate for organic life.

“It’s very exciting. You are looking for something light and all you get is something dark. This is something new,” Neumann said in awe.

Organic material is sustainer of life, although he does not always prove the existence of life itself.

Further studies will need to determine what the organic material found in the planet, but Neumann said of the studied temperature charts, materials can include amino acids.


Help reveal the composition of the Earth’s core.

A number of Polish geologists managed to dig the largest meteorite ever found in Western Europe. They hope their findings could help reveal the composition of the Earth’s core.

“We know that the Earth’s core consists of iron, but we can not investigate. Now we have guests from outer space that has the same structure and we could easily learn it,” said Professor Andrzej Muszynski in Poznan, western Poland, Wednesday (10/31) when he announced his findings to the public, “These findings could broaden our insights about the origin of the universe,” said geologist that.

Two meteor hunters find conical stone, weighing 300 pounds, and the diameter of 2 meters late last month.Meteors are mostly made up of iron that is embedded in the ground two feet in Yosemite National Meteor Morasko, in the north of Poznan.

They use electronic means to detect electromagnetic anomalies on the surface of the soil.

“Until now, this was the finding of the largest in western Europe,” said Professor Wojciech Stankowski, one of the researchers also examined the space rocks.

Meanwhile other geologists of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan Universitu, who also studied meteor, estimated meteor hits the Earth about 5000 years ago. Meteor is composed mostly of iron and nickel fraction again.

Morasko National Meteor Garden is located in the north of Poznan and has seven craters. Largest crater has a diameter of 100 meters and a depth of 11 meters. Scientists believe the site was formed 5000 years ago by a meteor that hit Earth.


Google Drive Users get 5GB for free rations from Google.

Google announced on Tuesday (11/27), will integrate Google Drive into Gmail. The move will create a Google e-mail service users can send files of up to 10 GB.

Requirement Gmail users also must have an account with Google Drive. With that Gmail users can attach files directly from Google Drive, cloud computing services and file synchronization Google.

When sending files using data from Google Drive, Gmail will ask Google Drive account owner’s permission before allowing the recipient to access the attached file.

Previously, Microsoft also offers a similar service in Outlook and SkyDrive.

The Google Drive users get 5GB for free quota of Google when opening an account. But if you want a larger space of 5GB then the user must spend to pay for it.

If you are interested in a larger room Google set a rate of about $3 per month for the space of 25GB or nearly $5 per month for 100 GB.

Will spend 140 days in the mission.

A Russian rocket carrying two cosmonauts and a U.S. astronaut blasted off into space on Tuesday (10/23). The three astronauts will be on duty on the International Space Station (ISS).

Oleg Novitskiy and Evgeny Tarelkin of Russia and Kevin Ford from the U.S. slid to the ISS using Soyuz rocket TMA-06m at 17:51 pm from Russia’s launch failitas, Baikonur cosmodrome, in Kazakhstan.

Soyuz rocket is planned to arrive at the ISS on Thursday (10/25) at 19:35 pm. The three astronauts will join the three crew who have been first on the space station. They are Sunita Williams of the United States, Yuri Malenchenko from Russia, and Akihiko Hoshide from Japan. The three arrived at the ISS on last July and will return to Earth in November.

Soyuz Originally planned to take off on October 15 but was postponed because there is a device on board the rocket were to be replaced. The astronauts who had just arrived it plans to spend 140 days in the mission.

Two Russian cosmonauts first time to travel to outer space while Ford had adventures in space in 2009, using the U.S. space shuttle. He plans to take over command of the ISS when Williams returned to Earth in November.

Women eighteen origin Saratoga, California, Eesha Khare managed to make a supercapacitor that can charge a cell phone in just between 20 to 30 seconds.

Through this work, Eesha also won about 500 million dollars from Intel in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair as reported Techbob.com, Friday (24/05).

Supercapacitor is a tool that acts as a power supply that is able to charge the device quickly, other than that this device can store energy longer than regular batteries.

Supercapacitor consists of two conductive material coated with activated carbon and submerged in the electrolyte. One slab has positive ions and negative ions, which when filled, these ions would accumulate on the surface of each carbon-coated plates.

In contrast to batteries, this technology will be able to store energy longer. In addition, the supercapacitor technology is more environmentally friendly than batteries. In addition not only because the life span is longer supercapacitor, supercapacitor also do not use materials that are corrosive and harmful chemical based.

Remarkably, most large supercapacitor, can be made Eesha small in size so it can be pinned to the phone.


Astronomers finally managed to track down the origin of a meteor that hit the central part of Russia, and injure about 1000 people at the beginning of February, as the BBC reported on Tuesday (2/26).

Utilizing amateur video recordings depicting the fall of the meteor, astronomers were able to predict the flow of meteor that path through the Earth’s atmosphere, and to reconstruct the space object that orbits the Sun.

In some recordings of the rock looks great when the sky was on fire streaking over the city of Chelyabinsk. The explosion caused the vibrations cause the entire building in the city until the shattered buildings.

They make use of some video footage captured using mobile cameras, cctv and camera cars circulating in cyberspace. In addition, they also use video footage from traffic cameras that have the exact time and date.

Preliminary estimates meteor was a weight of 10 tons. In recent years the United States space agency, NASA, estimated that the meteor had a weight of about 7000 to 10,000 tons. NASA also predicted celestial bodies measuring about 17 meters.

Jorge Zuluaga and Ignacio Ferrin of Universitu Antioquia, Medelin – Scientists behind the study – and then combine it with the tape-recorded meteor crash site on Lake Chebarkul and using simple trigonometry to calculate the height, speed, and position it was when the meteor fell to Earth.

To reconstruct the original orbit of the meteor around the Sun, they used six different paths. All of it has to do with the point when the meteor was starting to look bright and visible to the naked eye.

The two researchers then enter the numbers they get into an astronomy software developed by the U.S. Naval Observatory.

The results showed that the meteor came from outer space rocks are well known – named after the Apollo asteroids – which does cross Earth’s orbit.

So far 9700 has been near-Earth asteroids have been found and about 5,200 of which came from Apollo. Asteroids is divided into several groups such as Apollo, Aten, or Amor, depending on the type of their orbit.

The research team from Colombia has presented details of his findings that the website Arxiv.


Researchers from IBM managed to break the record by making the world’s smallest movie.

The film uses atoms as an actor in a movie called “A Boy And His Atomic” lasted 1 minute 35 seconds.

The film is made using stop-motion technique, which the researchers move atoms one by one on top of the copper material as reported Popsci.com, Friday (03/05).

Using the scanning tunneling microscope (STM) weighing 2 tons, which is cooled to minus 267.78 degrees Celsius atom capable of zooming as much as 100 million times, researchers managed to create a 242 frame movie.

Atoms are spherical image in the film, is actually composed of two atoms together to form molecules of carbon monoxide. With a robotic arm which is very small, the atoms are moved only by pushing.

In the filmmaking world’s smallest, required four peneiliti who worked alternately for 10 to 18 hours a day. And besides, researchers have moved the atoms is as much as 10 thousand times.

I remember when we first got the Internet. We hooked up our new computer to a phone line, and we had the modem dial out. I think it was a long distance number back then. There was no email or anything like that. Universities had email, but all we had was a bunch of people that could basically not do much of anything. Then we got a local Internet service. Soon we had web browsing and were using our Hotmail account login to check our email. I remember that movie with Tom Hanks and that iconic, “You’ve got mail” audio file. We thought that was the coolest thing.

The Internet has come such a along way. Now we can do high resolution video chats. Even our phones can do full video chats. We have cameras in our phones that are higher resolution than the early digital cameras people bought. In an instant you can take a picture or video and upload it to social media for everyone to see. Before, when the Internet was dial-up, you could not even do video. Continue reading

I just got my yearly bonus from the new place where I have been working for around three and a half months. Of course it is not as big as it would have been in other years, because the bonus is tied to the price of copper per pound as we are a contractor who does plumbing and electrical work. After every job there is a small amount of scrap metal left over that can not be used for any other work, so we throw it in a dumpster behind the shop. Of course we lock it up and we do not tell people that there is a lot of copper in it. Continue reading

Jean and I have been thinking about what we are going to do when we get ready to retire. That is a few years off in the future, but I have sort of come into a windfall, mostly because my great uncle Lou was alienated from his only son. Of course Lou Jr. Is in prison for the next eight years and his Dad is hardly the only one who is not talking to him. He died suddenly and I found his will left me most of his money. I called Just Energy to hook up the power on this piece of Gulf Coast property that he left us. It is about three and a half acres, although much of it can not really be used for any purpose, it is too low lying to be safe from storm surge and you would be foolish to invest your money in building a house on it. We have just started building a place on the Gulf and I am thinking that we want to try to make it a place which is as safe from the elements as is practical. Continue reading

The WordPress Group Testimonials

Yeah, we know it’s always done and you probably won’t read them – we don’t want to re-invent the wheel here so we have included a few testimonials and we do ask for them from our clients. Any of our testimonials can be verified at any time – i.e. we haven’t invented them: honest Guv!

Just skim through and you’ll get the gist. We do pride ourselves on being highly knowledgeable and professional – but then a lot of people are in this field. So, what we REALLY pride ourselves on is…

  • Reliability – we do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it. If not, we let you know!
  • Responsiveness – we keep in touch and contact all the time
  • Transparency – ask a straight question, you’ll get a straight answer
  • Honesty – dishonesty has a habit of coming back and biting people on the nose… so why bother!
  • Fun – we work very hard and long hours so we like to have fun working on our business. If you do too then you are the client for us!

360 Degree Perspective

TWPG are a wonderful and rare breed in the digital marketing space: they knows marketing, they knows design and they know how to bring in the revenue. They have a 360 degree perspective, are emotionally evolved and an asset to any business in a myriad of ways. Oh, and they’re lovely to work with.

Al Tepper – Digital Consultant

Refreshingly Unique

These guys have the refreshingly unique ability to present and effectively implement sophisticated digital marketing strategies in clear, simple terms, allowing clients to easily assimilate and utilise the marketing plan for themselves. Their knowledge of the digital marketing world is unparalleled.

John Fitzgerald – TV producer BBC

Open and Supportive

Carol personifies the new business creed of random, open and supportive. She is SO knowledgeable, personable, detailed and generous. Carol could not have been more supportive in educating a Marketing Director in ‘what digital means for business’ and introducing me to her most precious network of industry leading experts built up over many years. I look forward to a long term totally trustworthy relationship.
Mark Jeffery – Marketing Director Origen Private Equity

WordPress… simple – affordable – effective

What is WordPress? Let’s let the experts in Wikipedia explain more….

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL which runs on a web hosting service. Features include a plug-in architecture and a template system. WordPress is used by over 14.7% of Alexa Internet’s “top 1 million” websites, and as of August 2011 manages 22% of all new websites. WordPress is currently the most popular blogging system being used on the Web, powering over 60 million websites worldwide.

It was first released on May 27, 2003, by founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little as a fork of b2/cafelog. As of April 2013, version 3.5 had been downloaded over 18 million times.

Lots of people love it! WordPress is fast becoming THE platform to build your business website!

We love WordPress too… and we want to ensure that business owners have the best possible service from start to finish and that everything that is covered…. from specific WordPress hosting right through to the marketing tricks and promotional tools you need to ensure top visibility for your business on the Internet.

Who are The WordPress Group?

We are all independent businesses made up of hosting, marketing, website builders, designers and such like – all proficient and experienced WordPress professionals.

We are all passionate about our particular WordPress patch of turf and we focus on what we are good at and what we know. Our skills, naturally cross into each other’s territory, however that only serves us to serve you with a better understanding of the full package of WordPress services on offer.

We are all available to help you out with any aspect or all of your WordPress business website; from keyword research to troubleshooting an in depth coding problem that you may have with your existing site.

We operate from various parts of the country and our aim and focus is singular in ensuring the very best and commercially effective website and Internet presence for your businesses.

We promise this because we can deliver. We have delivered… time and time again.

Find out how we can all deliver for you – take up all or just one part of the services on offer. The choice is yours.